Cory Killeen, FNP-BC



Cory Killeen, FNP-BC

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Cory Killeen, FNP–BC, was born in North Hollywood, California and grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona. In 1996, after graduating high school, she made her way to Vancouver, Washington, where her journey into the world of healthcare began. Cory embarked on her nursing education at Clark College, setting the stage for a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the Southwest Washington region.

With unwavering dedication, Cory has devoted her nursing expertise to diverse patient populations and a variety of medical settings. Her experiences encompass roles in preoperative and postoperative care, participation in COVID relief efforts, and an impressive 17-year tenure in labor and delivery.

Cory's passion for compassionate patient care has always been her driving force. She possesses a profound commitment to empowering women, championing their well-being, and ensuring they receive the care they rightfully deserve. Cory firmly believes that we are witnessing an era of female empowerment where women are increasingly vocal about their healthcare needs. She is particularly passionate about granting all women access to the latest advancements in birth control, perimenopause, and menopause treatments. Her holistic approach to patient care strives to fine-tune each individual's health, with a strong emphasis on education. She takes joy in enlightening women about their bodies and equipping them with the knowledge to lead long and healthy lives.

Despite being a relatively new practitioner, Cory brings a wealth of experience from her extensive involvement in the medical field. Her innate gift lies in her ability to truly listen to her patients, guiding them through the complexities and uncertainties of women's healthcare. Her exceptional communication skills, coupled with her profound commitment to women's well-being, make her a stellar healthcare provider.

Cory and her husband have established deep roots in the Southwest Washington Area, where they are raising three children alongside their beloved dog, cat, and rabbit. Beyond her medical pursuits, Cory enjoys skiing, Barre 3, pickleball, and time spent with her family.


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